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    • जब-जब धरती पर पाप बढ़ेगा मैं अवतार लूंगा। जो धर्म के मार्ग........

    • Those who try to do something and fail are infinitely better than those who try to do nothing and succeed---Believe in yourself.

    • We can't have all that we desire but time will give us all that we deserve

    • Nobody can touch words but words do touch everybody

      Remember , we are the master of our unspoken words and slave of our spoken words

    • What a world  ?  Poor men walk miles and miles to earn food ,

      while rich men walk miles and miles to digest food.

    • An eye for an eye makes whole nation blind.

      -Mahatma Gandhi

    • 'You have to be a little dishonest to be a politician.' Motown legend Martha Reeves on US politics  

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